Our Mission


We prioritise people and the planet over profit. We hold ourselves accountable for living up to this promise, but as a new brand we are not perfect and are constantly looking for means to improve. The key ways in which we currently uphold this promise are:

  • We donate £5 from every piece sold to domestic abuse charity, Oasis

  • We work with a certified Fair Trade supplier to ensure that every single person involved in rho production is paid a fair wage, and works in a safe environment

  • We use only GOTS certified organic cotton

  • We use only AZO-free dyes to limit our impact on the environment

  • Each order undergoes a plastic-free journey to our customer

We know we are not a sustainable company because we produce new items for you to love and cherish for years to come. However we continually strive to be as holistically sustainable as possible and ensure our positive impact always outweighs the negative.



At rho, we believe that everyone deserves a safe night's sleep. We dream of helping as many people as possible through our business, without compromising on our respect for the planet, its people and its resources. Every business decision we make is based on our values of compassion, transparency and accountability for our impacts and we are proud to join the growing movement of businesses operating ethically and responsibly. If you’d like to read more about our story, click here.


Social Commitments


Our social mission, to help everyone have a safe night’s sleep, is the backbone of our business. It is the reason that rho exists, and is the guiding light that drives us forward, as we strive to contribute to important positive change within the fashion industry and wider society. Click here to learn more about how we try to be as socially-conscious as possible…





Environmental Commitments


Since day one, keeping our environmental impacts to a minimum has been a top priority. We try to do this in a number of ways, such as using only GOTS certified organic cotton and plastic-free packaging, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Click here to learn about how we try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible…





We are now Good Market approved!

Good Market is a curated community of social enterprises, cooperatives, responsible businesses, voluntary initiatives, networks, and changemakers.

Click here to visit out profile, our application and our rating on the Good Market platform. 

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