Our Story

Our ‘why?’

At rho, we believe that everyone deserves a safe night's sleep. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, but we have to start somewhere. At the moment this means we ensure the organic cotton farmers, factory workers and skilled artisans that help produce our pieces are paid fairly and work in a safe environment with job security. Through the sale of those same pieces we support those who are affected by domestic abuse with a £5 donation to Oasis from every unit sold.

rho is starting small with the aim of growing sustainably in order to expand our reach and increase our positive impacts. We dream of helping as many people as possible through our business, without compromising on our respect for the planet and its resources. rho is the change that we want to see, in the fashion industry and in society as a whole. Each and every business decision we make is based on our values of compassion, transparency and accountability for our impacts. We are proud to join the growing movement of businesses operating ethically and responsibly. We hope you share our vision for the future and our passion for positive change. 

How do we work?

We are proud to work with a Fair Trade artisan manufacturer, Mehera Shaw in Jaipur India, whose values align with our own. They are an environmentally conscious, ethical company that have a people-centered approach to sustainable production. Our relationship is built on trust, respect and appreciation for their workmanship and the artisan craft methods they use. You can read more about our social commitments to sustainability here.

We try our best to minimise our environmental impacts by using GOTS certified organic cotton which is hand block printed using AZO-free dyes, reducing our contribution to carbon, chemical and water pollution. We do not use any plastic packaging, from the factory to us and from us to you. However, we are aware that any type of production has an impact and are constantly looking for ways to improve. You read more about how we work to reduce our environmental impacts here.

Our luxury loungewear pieces are carefully designed and lovingly made to ensure premium comfort, style and durability. Our products are made to be versatile, you can wear them however and wherever you want to, wether that's to the shops, the park, out to dinner, around the house or just to bed — anything goes!

We don’t believe in seasons, sales or discounts. We produce small quantity orders, and will only create more products once stock is running low, thus eliminating wasteful overproduction. Our prices reflect the true value of the workmanship required to create the products and they will never be discounted. Our profits are divided between the donation to Oasis, re-investing in our business, and paying ourselves and the people we work with. We are currently working on a transparent pricing breakdown for each style to help communicate the true cost, and the true value, of our products. 

Who are we?

We are Elena and Hannah, the founders of rho, and we have been friends for over 18 years and counting!

rho was born from a love of slow mornings and artisan craft, combined with great respect for our planet and a determination to make a positive difference in the world.

We are excited to see how rho will grow and develop, we love our products and everything they stand for. We hope you do too and will join us in our mission to help everyone to have a safe night’s sleep
If you want to get to know us and rho a little more there's a video just for you below where we share lot's more.

What are our values?


We vow to be open and honest with you, our customers, about the impacts of our company, the how we operate and the ways in which we hope to improve. We believe brand transparency is the first step towards a more sustainable textiles industry, but alone it is not enough…


We hold ourselves responsible for our impacts on the planet and its people. We strive to be as sustainable as possible and minimise any negative consequences that inevitably come from creating new products. We are also always aiming to maximise the positive effects we can have.


Our social mission to give others a safe night's sleep and have a positive ripple effect is what truly drives us. It is very important to us that we create ethical, high quality, beautiful loungewear that lasts, and that the workers in our supply chain are paid fairly and treated well.