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Helping others have a safe night’s sleep…

We donate £5 from every item purchased to our amazing partner charity Oasis Domestic Abuse Service. Oasis are a local charity based in Kent who are on a mission to keep victims of domestic abuse safe, help rebuild lives and create lasting change.

Domestic abuse is an important issue affecting one in four women in their lifetime, resulting in an average of two women per week who are murdered in the UK.

Oasis having been supporting their local community for over 25 years. This essential work includes running two refuges which offer families a safe night’s sleep, helping to create safety plans and supporting victims through the criminal, civil and family court processes. In 2019 Oasis gave one to one support to 592 adults affected by domestic abuse. They also do incredible work with early intervention and prevention, moving towards their vision of a world free from abusive relationships.

If you are touched by the work Oasis do and want to contribute, we have a donate option on our shop page allowing you to offer some help even if you are not making a purchase. We are so grateful for any support you can offer.

To find out more about their work please visit: http://www.oasisdaservice.org/

If you are affected by domestic abuse or would like any more information on this topic please visit:

Logo of Oasis Domestic Abuse Charity