‘how to…’ videos

Every rho piece is designed to last and has been carefully produced to a very high quality
…but sometimes even great things get broken!

We are firm believers in the ‘make do and mend’ mindset, so we decided to film some instructional videos to help you prolong the life of your rho pieces for as long as possible. So far we have two videos showing you how to sew your button back on, and how to fix a split seam. You shouldn’t need them for a long long time, but when you do they are here!

We hope to add more videos to this page in the future, as well as ideas for up-cycling your rho when it can no longer function as loungewear, and information on how to responsibly recycle your pieces if up-cycling isn’t your thing. If you have any special requests or just want further information, please email us at hello@wheninrho.com and we will be happy to help!

If you’d like to learn more about how our products are created, click here to be taken to our journal post: How our sustainable loungewear is made.

Video 01: How to sew your button back on

Video 02: How to fix a split seam

All videos were filmed and edited by Jack Crofts, with original music by Joshua Ferrara.

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