We’re very sad to announce that we are closing our small business with a big heart.

The last year (and a bit) has been really tough on small businesses like ours, it feels like every week another small brand announces that they’re shutting up shop and it breaks our hearts to have to do the same. We’ve tried our best to keep going, to adapt and evolve to get through the tough times, but we’re just not getting the amount of orders we need to operate successfully and sustainably, and to be totally honest we haven’t been for a while now.

Even though this isn’t how we dreamed things would go, we’ve had to be brave, face the facts and come to terms with what’s best for rho and for ourselves. We both have other work and commitments to balance, and don’t feel like we can continue to press forward, wearing all the hats and spinning all the plates, and do our mission and values justice, when the business (and the world) is telling us that it’s just not working any more. We realised that we could be having much more positive impact in the world if we let rho go with love and put our time and energy to better use.

But hey! Just because our small business journey is coming to an end, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate how far we’ve come and everything we’ve achieved along the way.

We’re flipping the narrative on what could be perceived as “failure” and focusing instead on how far we’ve come, the achievements we are incredibly proud of, and the wonderful people we have been lucky enough to meet and work with through our small business. After all, what could be a lovelier story than two friends who had the courage to follow their dreams, created beautiful products in a conscious and careful way with incredible people which also helped support the work of an amazing charity? Of two founders who never compromised on their values and who were brave enough to know when it was time to call it a day, even though it was hard.

Over the last 3-4 years we have built up an incredible community of customers, supporters, fellow business owners and friends and we are so grateful to all of you for your love, encouragement and support for rho. We will never forget how you helped us make our dream into a reality, and achieve some amazing things that we will always be really proud of.

Things like being Highly Commended for the Best Sustainable Small Business (Fashion) in the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, and meeting with the PM’s business advisors to discuss sustainable business, to seeing rho featured in world-renowned media outlets like Stylist Magazine, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, YOU Magazine and more.

Seeing rho being worn by our beautiful customers in different places all over the world, by talented content creators and entrepreneurs, and even by celebs like Jessie Ware (still not over it!) will always bring us so much joy and pride too. As will remembering all of the wonderful feedback we’ve received and all of the collaborations, partnerships and events we have taken part in.

The trusted partnerships we’ve built and the positive impact that came from them will always be something to celebrate too. From our amazing Fair Trade manufacturer Mehera Shaw in Jaipur, who created all our beautiful loungewear with so much care for the environment and the people involved, to the awesome One Tribe, who we donated to for every newsletter subscriber to protect endangered trees in rainforests around the world — 3,715 trees to be exact! And last but by no means least, Oasis Domestic Abuse Service, the incredible charity we have been partnered with since day one. We have donated £5 from every item sold to Oasis to support their crucial work, and used our platforms to raise awareness about domestic abuse and direct people to use their resources and donate to their cause. The people and the drive behind that organisation will always be a source of inspiration for us, and we are genuinely honoured to have worked with them.

We will carry rho’s spirit, mission and values with us in our hearts as we go forward, and will always cherish our achievements, the people we've connected with and the experiences we’ve had, all thanks to rho.

With love always,
Hannah & Elena