How to look after your loungewear…

Every rho item is designed with care, made using premium materials and finished to the highest quality to last you as long as possible. To help your loungewear remain as good as new, we suggest the following:

Firstly, only wash them when needed! We often wash our clothes far too frequently which can reduce the life span of our garments, and has a considerable impact on the planet. Could you give them a little fresh air outside instead?

When it is time to give them a wash, please follow the care instructions below:

  • Hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees

  • Line dry in the shade or gentle tumble dry

  • Cool iron only

  • Please do not use bleach and do not dry clean your loungewear as this may damage the hand printed design of the fabric

Despite our best efforts, we can’t rule out the possibility that your loungewear may get damaged or broken.
For tips and instructions on how to mend or up-cycle your items, please click here.
For advice on how to responsibly recycle or donate your rho loungewear, or for any other enquiries, please email us at and we will be happy to help!