The cost-per-wear breakdown is something that we use when considering making a conscious purchase.

We truly believe in only buying things that you truly love and will get lots of wear and use out of (including and especially when it comes to our own products).

Breaking down the cost in this way helps us to understand how good value the product really is and to feel comfortable to invest in the item.

How to calculate it?

You take the cost of item and divide it by the number of wears...

For example a dress that costs £25 but you will on wear twice actually works out a pretty expensive purchase at £12.50 a wear 💸

If you bought a different dress for £100 but knew you would wear it 100 times then the cost per wear is just £1 a wear 💸

 That's why we wanted to make our all items loungewear that you can wear inside and outside for maximum use.


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We're sharing some calculations for our rho pieces which are based on only wearing them once a week for just one year, which we think is probably a lot less than you will actually wear them...

We certainly wear ours A LOT more than that! ⁠

We hope you find this interesting and helpful, but please remember the most important thing — purchase consciously and only buy if you really need or want it, if you know you'll use it for a long time. ⁠


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Love from Hannah and Elena x


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